Why us

We are as passionate about our people as we are about market research. So we aim to create an environment that offers opportunities to take your career forward and where you feel part of a global, fierce-paced and crazy team. With an everlasting enthusiasm we continuously invest in employee happiness.

Take your career forward

Strong company values

Our company culture is driven by 7 strong core values, embedded in everything we do. They unite us as a team across our international offices and differentiate us as an employer and a business partner. Moreover our values define the DNA of a typical InSider: Forward thinking, Open, Result driven, We-oriented, Adaptive, Respectful and Daring.

Innovative projects

We are proud that many cool brands around the globe choose InSites Consulting as their preferred research partner. We take research forward by combining innovative research techniques. Everything we do is designed to strengthen the link between clients, brands and consumers. Every new project calls for a tailor-made approach, no black box, combining different teams and methods. So you will be challenged both by the content and the methods as by the clients and consumers we connect with.

Personalized career path

We offer a career path that stimulates people to evolve and grow on a personal as well as a professional level. We believe that each step forward requires a certain expertise and set of skills. So more than seniority driven, our career ladder is driven by competences.

After you’ve gained the necessary competence level within InSites Consulting, your career path can be tailored into different directions, depending on your ambitions and skills. Step up as coach of junior colleagues. Specialize within a certain domain of expertise. Become a solid business partner for clients. Sign up for an international adventure in one of our offices abroad. Or take up a management role in one of our corporate or local teams. To take that next step, we offer support through training and coaching, but in the end it is up to you to run the race and seize the opportunity.


Within our InSites Consulting Academy we offer a variety of training opportunities for you to acquire the necessary skills to be successful in every single step of your career. For new joiners we organize an intensive induction programme which combines job-related trainings with on-the-job coaching and introduction sessions to get familiar with our company, our culture and our services.

Moreover we organize different initiatives to stimulate knowledge sharing and to get inspired. Just think about our InSites Congress, Coffee & Learn sessions, MROC day… and the opportunity to attend external conferences keeping you up-to-date on the latest trends in our industry.


We believe in coaching as an important building block in the development of our people and InSites Consulting in general. Your formal coach will provide on-going support and guidance to facilitate growth and success. Regular and constructive feedback is part of your daily functioning at InSites Consulting and you can expect to give as well as receive it. The aim is to help you learn from it and to build on your experiences.

We culture

We believe that we are more than the mere sum of great individuals. InSites Consulting encourages teamwork and aims to create cross-fertilization between cultures, offices and expertise. It’s a fact: we aim high and always work hard to get to the future first. So from time to time we need to let off some steam – together as a team. A daily dose of fun and humour combined with smaller or larger team events reinforce us as a group to excel in what we do. Check out our backstage page to see what we’ve been up to lately.


Are you thinking about an interesting project? Have you found new ways to conduct market research, to discover new trends? Do you have a fun idea to stimulate the interactivity between offices? Plan, check, team up and GO! Although we are growing fast and on an international scale, we guard against becoming a bureaucratic organisation where procedures are more important than people. We do believe creativity rules over rules!


We are flexible when it comes to our working environment. We provide you with the conditions you need to do your job well. If this means you want to take your break a bit later or you want to finish your report at home because you have to pick up your kids first, that’s fine. We focus on getting the job done within the given deadlines rather than on strict working hour.