Sophie Van Neck

Managing Director Belgium
InSites Consulting originally started out of Belgium and as a consequence the Belgian hub is still the biggest of the 5 sales hubs. We pride ourselves in being both a mature and professional organization with stable teams growing steadily while at the same time being an organization in continuous ‘flux’ with a start-up mentality. Belgium has always been the office from which the international expansion of InSites Consulting has been made possible so we aim to go ‘where no InSider has gone before’. We believe in colleagues that are flexible, smart, impactful, entrepreneurial and fun to work with at the same time. Joining an InSites team based in Belgium means joining a coach filled with cool, young and international people on a high speed train.

Angie Deceuninck

Managing Director USA
“We started InSites Consulting US in 2012 as a greenfield operation. An audacious move to expand into a highly competitive market that represents 30% of global research spending. The innovative and ‘never give up’ mentality of our team make it happen for us, though. We are a very collaborative team, as we heavily rely on each other’s joint diverse skills and background. We are proud to work for the world’s biggest brands on their most exciting challenges. Our office is located right in the heart of Manhattan. It is set up as an ‘urban jungle’ and has an outdoor space from which you can see almost all the New York landmarks!”

Andy Cumming

Managing Director UK
“Starting the London hub in the highly competitive, fast-paced and established UK market was another one of InSites Consulting’s bold moves. We are a young, ambitious and international team, proudly servicing international brands from our office in Clerkenwell, the creative heart of London. We are dynamic and adaptable, continuously challenge our own thinking and work hard to add the InSites sparkle of innovation to create tailored solutions to complex challenges. Finally, we take our own medicine by making time for regular inspiration and creativity!”
Managing Director Germany and The Netherlands Anita Peerdeman

Anita Peerdeman

Managing Director Germany
“InSites Consulting DE was started up in 2016 and is therefore the youngest member of the InSites family. This requires a start-up mentality: we are agile, on top of things and flexible towards our new German clients. We make this happen, because we are inspired, confident and energized. Inspired by the many start-ups around us in our Düsseldorf co-working space and the cool stories we and our thought leaders bring on stages across Germany. Confident because we are supported by a professional organization and back office, giving us everything we need to expand the InSites business in Germany. And finally, energized by creating & celebrating successes. We just love what we do!”

Niels Schillewaert

Managing Director the Netherlands
“Since its opening in 2008, the Dutch InSites Consulting office has grown into a mature and professional team. With an international mix of ambitious, young and smart cookies, all sharing a strong passion for marketing and putting the consumer first, we service a wide spectrum of global and local clients in the world of FMCG, media, technology & services. Joining our Dutch team means joining an adventure of fast pace, freedom, hard work and lots of fun.”

Erica van Lieven

Managing Director Australia

"We have been raising the stakes and re-writing the rules in consumer insights in the Australian market for over twenty years. We’ve built our leadership on innovation, fast reflexes, fresh ideas and insatiable curiosity. Like Australia itself, we’re proud of our diversity and celebrate the way that different people coming together creates open pathways to innovative thinking. We’re ambitious, we’re growing quickly and we’ve got no plans to put on the brakes. As a regional hub, we’re already building bridges into the high speed, high growth Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Our team is dazzlingly smart, always hard working and always ready to have fun."


Heather Tluczek

Managing Director South-Africa
"For over a decade we have pioneered innovative digital research solutions in Africa. We are home to a diverse and passionate young team who believe in taking our work seriously but not ourselves. The fast growth we continue to experience means we are always looking for more bright, fun and adaptable people to join our team.  We are located in Johannesburg, the vibrant economic center of South Africa, but work across Africa for many of largest regional and multinational brands. Our work has won us many awards, and our reputation for innovation remains a key part of who we are."

Andy Cumming

Managing Director UK
In our Manchester team, you’ll be working alongside some great teammates.  We are friendly, welcoming, passionate about what we do, curious about insight and always willing to learn to get better.  We’ve also got some of the best possible clients you can imagine, and they’ll provide you with some great opportunities across a range of different sectors, ranging from Media and Entertainment, through Travel and Tourism and Financial Services to Food and Drink. Last but certainly not least, we are on a very exciting growth journey.

Maria Spinelli

Head of Asia
In the heart of Asia, InSites Consulting Singapore is naturally the headquarters for the region.  In a word, we are all about diversity!  We have a diverse mix of clients – FMCG, Financial Services, Hospitality, and Media & Entertainment to name a few.  We’re also a vibrant mix of personalities, ethnicities, and generations.  Both in the partners that we work with and our team profile, we mirror Singapore’s pride in rich diversity!  This diversity makes us a very forward thinking and innovative team who continue to push the boundaries of what we can’s our passion and we love asking “why”?!
Managing Director Belgium InSites Consulting Hakim Zemni

Hakim Zemni

Managing Director France
InSites Consulting has settled in Paris after the acquisition of the French eÿeka creative crowdsourcing platform. After a long history of working with French clients remotely, we are now operating from Paris, à la francaise, to service a wide variety of clients stretching from FMCG to Luxury, Tech & Finance and Automotive. Our team combines the expertise of market research consultants and eÿeka crowdsourcing specialists, making us the spearhead of creative ideation in the group. In the office you will find young and enthusiast professionals motivated to empower French clients and build InSites’ reputation in the market.