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We can tell you all about what it’s like to be part of our team. But nobody knows better than your future colleagues. Meet them here!

employee testimonial Timisoara
employee testimonial market research gent
employee testimonial market research gent
employee testimonial Timisoara
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employee testimonial market research gent
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employee testimonial market research gent
“I have always loved everything to do with marketing, market research, ways of connecting people and sharing new ideas. If you really want to work in a company where you can stand out as an individual and define yourself, InSites Consulting is thé place to be. It is the kind of company where you can definitely be creative, choose your own way of working, communicate, share and create knowledge and show everyone who you really are. From my perspective, InSites Consulting defines me through innovation and creativity.”

Madalina, Senior Innovation Consultant

“I have had a lot of jobs over the years. Some better than others. But until I came to InSites, I didn’t necessarily feel fortunate to have them. I was happy to have a pay check and often even happy with my work. But here I feel lucky - lucky to have freedom, lucky to receive recognition, lucky to be surrounded by smart people. It’s just a great place to work.”

Farrell, Research Director

“My favorite quote and life motto is by Bob Dylan: “A (wo)man is a success if (s)he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night and in between (s)he does what (s)he wants to do”. That was exactly what I was looking for when I applied for my first job and it’s exactly what I found at InSites Consulting. During the 6 years I have been working here, I have found a great degree of autonomy and trust. This enabled me to learn every day and develop myself the best way possible. Being able to do so in a great environment and supported by colleagues whom I now call friends, is the cherry on the cake.”

Timo, Business Director

“InSites Consulting provides me with the right environment to explore and develop my abilities and creativity. My work is very rewarding, due to the numerous different tasks. It is a pleasure to work in this friendly atmosphere and my colleagues really inspire me to offer them the best office experience every day.”

Iulia, Employee Happiness Coordinator Timisoara

“I am very happy to work at a company that is young, innovative, dynamic and where every employee matters. There is a lot of attention for personal development and there are a lot of career opportunities within the company. I personally have had many different roles and functions within the company, within different teams and within different departments, which enabled me to learn a lot and to grow at a fast pace on both a personal and a professional level. The crazy blend of work & fun is also unique, making it a great atmosphere to work in.”

Liesbeth, Learning & Development Manager

“Working at InSites Consulting has been a never-ending challenge. After almost a decade of experience, challenges are still lying around every corner, from the curiosity of a junior consultant to the brain-teasing research questions of clients. But the true asset is the employee empowerment. You get the opportunity to set your own challenges and to help others in achieving theirs. Learning the ins & outs of innovative research techniques, growing business-relevant domain expertise, leading workshops in exotic countries or getting colleagues enthusiastic about your ideas at our very own congress? Pick your challenge and go for it!”

Pieter, Head of Project Services

“I’m very proud to be an “InSites Original”: it is the one & only company I have ever worked for. I strongly believe that nowhere else I would have been able to grow as much as I did here, nor would I have been able to witness accomplishments as the ones we achieved as a team over the years. In 2003, I joined this small group of crazy academics and ambitious research innovators with a daring vision on the future of marketing research. Today we still are this unique blend of talented people who are determined to take our industry forward. And although we are conquering the world, we are very mindful not to lose the entrepreneurial spirit of the small company we were not so long ago. I love it!”

Magali, Managing Partner

“My InSites colleagues are an amazing group of people, working together as a team, but also having fun after business hours. It’s inspiring to work for big (international) brands that everybody knows and for clients who appreciate working with us. InSites Consulting is a company which uses the latest technologies and software so technical people will not get bored. The innovation is everywhere!”

Gunter, IT & Security Manager

“I joined InSites Consulting after obtaining my PhD. I knew this company to be very open to people with an academic career and looking for more relevance, more influence on the day-to-day decisions of businesses with a focus on practical decisions, action points and recommendations. Doing this for several of the biggest brands and companies in the world for an organisation with a creative, ambitious, cool and slightly crazy atmosphere makes InSites Consulting a great place to work!”

Bert, Business Director

“InSites Consulting is a company where values are not just hollow concepts on the website… I still believe becoming an InSiter is the best choice I ever made after getting my degree. We are a very young company where colleagues are more than just colleagues and where you will be surprised by the chances and the opportunities you get. Working here is challenging, even a bit crazy sometimes, but above all: fun! My parents and friends often ask me if I get paid to talk so much about our company. The crazy and fun stories I’m thinking of right now will be shared with you as soon as I meet you in person.”

Stijn, Business Director