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Internship testimonial market research USA
Internship testimonial market research Belgium
Internship testimonial market research Belgium
Internship testimonial marketing Belgium
Internship testimonial HR Belgium
“After a spontaneous application, InSites Consulting offered me a four-month internship in their New York office. This is anything but a coffee-fetching internship. As an intern, you find yourself in the driver’s seat. The projects I have worked on were fun, dynamic and challenging. My coach and colleagues ensured I climbed the learning curve throughout the process of the projects. The friendly and open atmosphere at InSites Consulting made me feel at home right away. Thanks to my frolleagues, I have grown significantly, both on a professional and a personal level. I absolutely recommend it!”

Adil, Market Research Intern

“My internship at InSites Consulting has been amazing! As a part of the FMCG research team, I got the chance to learn from all of the smart cookies around the office. Via the consumer consulting boards, I was in direct contact with consumers of several multinational brands. I learned how to identify their needs, wishes and their way of making consumer decisions. I was given a lot of responsibility and gained insight into the full process of a research consultant's job. It has definitely been a wonderful experience that showed me what I want to do later on.”

Jozefien, Market Research Intern

“InSites Consulting is a great place to work. You don’t work for InSites, you work with them. This market research internship allowed me plenty of opportunities and time to learn, while really contributing from the very start. Don’t just take my word for it, come see for yourself! You’ll know exactly what I mean when you see your work being implemented into a final report for a client ;-).”

Indra, Market Research Intern

“As a member of the Client Happiness team I immediately felt like one of them. By giving me a lot of responsibilities I learned instantly how to take initiative and yes, my team was always very open to offer help. This 3-month internship was an inspiring first work experience thanks to the great people who treated me like a real InSiter.”

Lies, Marketing Intern

“I completed my internship in the Employee Happiness and Office team so my tasks were very diverse and interesting. You get to take a lot of initiative and use your ability to work in a group as well as independently. InSites Consulting is a place where your colleagues will value your input and embrace you with open arms.“

Thalita, Employee Happiness Intern