What does InSites Consulting do in terms of training and development?

Via our InSites Academy we facilitate and manage all training initiatives. Since this year, there is an even bigger focus on training. With the introduction of our ‘company in the company’ philosophy, uniting different people in smaller teams with a clear and shared purpose, we have set-up a change program with several trainings to support this new strategy. Thanks to the financial support of ESF (€ 92.537,5), we can offer a more elaborate training program for learning key habits to obtain our goals. There are specific trainings foreseen including training in certain soft skills (team work, communication skills, energy management, …) & digital skills (Microsoft Office, SPSS, Navision). The results we want to achieve with this change program is (1) shifting from project focused thinking to customer focused thinking, and (2) employees feeling confident in their role and being able to take up more responsibilities.